The T-JTA®

The T-JTA ® is a brief psychological assessment that measures key personality traits which influence personal, interpersonal, scholastic and vocational functioning and adjustment. It serves as both a diagnostic measure and in-session counseling tool. The brief 180-question test can be administered in 30 minutes or less to individuals, couples or groups. The T-JTA is applicable for use with adolescents through senior adults.

The T-JTA measures 9 personality traits and their opposites:

  1. Nervous ↔ Composed
  2. Subjective ↔ Objective
  3. Expressive-Responsive ↔ Inhibited
  4. Depressive ↔ Light-Hearted
  5. Dominant ↔ Submissive
  6. Sympathetic ↔ Indifferent
  7. Active-Social ↔ Quiet
  8. Hostile ↔ Tolerant
  9. Self-disciplined ↔ Impulsive

If we were created by God to feel, then all emotions are not bad. Perhaps, instead of repressing certain feelings, we should learn how to manage our emotions. You’re invited to join us  for our new Emotions Series begins on Sunday, July 25 at Rivers Church in Glen Rose, TX.

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