Everyone is always looking for little tricks, tips, or shortcuts that help make everyday life easier & more enjoyable.

During 2021, Rivers Church will focus on  Life Hacks. Come discover 10 habits & real life advice from God’s word. It will revolutionize your life.

#LifeHacks when reading God's word:

  • Begin your Bible reading with prayer.
  • Take brief notes on what you read.
  • What is the main subject of this passage?
  • Who are the persons reveals in this passage?
  • Who is speaking?
  • About whom is he speaking?
  • Who is acting?
  • What is the key verse of this passage?
  • What does this passage teach me about the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Does this passage portray any sin for me to confess and foresake?
  • Does this passage contain any command for me to obey?
  • Is there any promise for me to claim?
  • Is there any instruction for me to follow?